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24" Full Spectrum ReefBar Pro 3W Bridgelux LEDs - Aquarium Light

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The ReefBar Pro is our Newest addition to affordable reef and freshwater LED Lighting!

This listing is for the Full Spectrum 24 inch ReefBar Pro with 24 3W Bridgelux LEDs. The color layout is:

445,12k, 445, 5k, 422, 8k, red, G, 465, 5k, 445, 12k, 445, 8k, 465, 12k, red, G, 422, 5k, 445, 8k, 445,12k

5k- 5000k Natural White HIGH CRI >85

8k- 8000k Cool White HIGH CRI >85

12k- 12000k bluish white

422- 422 nm UV Purple just at one peak of Chlorophyll A

445- 445 nm Royal Blue at the happy medium of Chlorophyll A and B

465- 465 nm Light Aqua Blue just at one peak of Chlorophyll B

red- 630-660 Range adding growth to the other peak of Chlorophyll A and B

G- Green for that extra added color

Endless study has gone into making the ideal LED bar for your Reef. All of the ReefBar Pros come with 2 power supplies, one for the blues/red/uv and other for the whites/green, so you can control your overall color temperature (if you add dimmers in accessory dropdown) and run on two separate timers as well. This fixture at full blast runs around 16000K-18000K.


- High CRI Bridgelux 3W LEDs

- Extending Brackets for Mounting Above your aquarium from 24" to 37.5"

- 2 Channels to control blues and whites separately

- Fully and Seamlessly Dimmable with dimmers available above

- Over 7ft of cord from Wall plug to the Light Bar so your wiring options are flexible

- Completely Waterproof to keep Salt Creep and splashes or bubbles from getting in

- 90 Degree Dome Lenses to give perfectly even coverage throughout the 90º angle and sends all light straight down to the corals. No loss of light and power shining out on your walls and hitting the glass where nothing is.

- Wonderful PAR and PUR Ratings at near 100 at 18 inches under water (2 bars will give over 100 at 24 inches under water)

- Light Sleek Design at only 3/4 inch thick and 2.0 inch wide and exactly 24 inches long before the brackets

- Silent with No fans needed

The REAL Numbers:

A single ReefBar Pro adds PAR numbers of up to 100 (mms) to the bottom of 19 inches of water (light placed 3 inches above surface)

Two of these bars can very easily become your Primary Lighting for a larger tank. A common goal for ideal lighting in a reef tank is about 90-120 (mms) at the top of your sand and two bars will give 100 at 24 inches. 3 bars will give over 100 at 30 inches deep.

- Input voltage: AC 85-265V 50-60Hz (Power Supply converts to 12V for bar)
- Power consumption: 72W

- LED quantity: 24 pcs
- LED sources: Bridgelux HIGH CRI 3W LEDs
- Material: Aluminum extruded sections
- Beam Angle: 90 degree
- Lights Size: .75 in X 2.0 in X 24 in
- 18.09 ounces
- Certificated: CE and ROHS
- Warranty: 2 years
- 110V Plug
- 50,000 Hour Life Span (Over 17 YEARS at 8 hours a day)