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35W CREE LED Aquarium Reef Bulb w/ optional Mount - Aquarium Light

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Note: MUST RUN AT 110V - NOT 220V. This is a very high powered bulb that requires an internal fan (already built in). Please mount at least 8 inches above your water to keep dry.

Purchase at no risk. If this is not the perfect color and intensity for your tank feel free to return for a full refund or message me to discuss better options!

The 35W Reef Bulb is the ideal color combination for any reef

The Clamp mount option is a flexible mount that attaches to the back of your aquarium with Nylon screws, has an on/off switch and will allow you to have your bulb floating just where you want it. Simply choose from the drop down above.

Countless hours have been put in to make sure you get all of the spectrums needed. As you can see below, the color layout and the importance of each:

photo fd0f1c8b-c822-4261-b405-2a229b3b7e5c.jpg

2x Natural White HIGH CRI >85

2x 10,000k Cool White HIGH CRI >85

423- 423 nm UV Purple just at one peak of Chlorophyll A

445- 445 nm Royal Blue (the perfect viewing color) at the happy medium of Chlorophyll A and B

465- 465 nm Light Aqua Blue just at one peak of Chlorophyll B

So as you can see, this is everything your coral needs and everything your eyes want!

This will give you incredible Par ratings with 16 CREE LEDs. It can provide over 120 PAR at 24 inches below water surface.