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50W 453nm Actinic Blue LED Flood Reef Light - Aquarium Light

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If you have any issues whatsoever with this fixture (eg. expected light output, coral reactions, usability, ANYTHING) have no worries. You are welcome to return for a FULL REFUND or I will work with you very easily to help you upgrade to the brightness you want. This LED technology in these custom color temperature Flood lights are beyond any other LED technologies available. Very efficient and loved by Reef Tanks everywhere!

SHIMMER: If you are looking for the nice shimmer that Metal Halides give off this is one of the only type of LEDs you can use and still achieve that goal. Since the light output comes from a single point it gives a beautiful shimmer.

With the 120 degree light output this light provides incredible light for any size tank. I would suggest using two of these for 55-110 gallons. Could move up to 3 after that... These will support SPS, LPS, Softies.... gives off a great 445nm actinic blue wave length.

Incredible feedback from customers about Growth and Color of their Corals!
Much less Heat, Evaporation, and Electricity!

- Input voltage: AC 85-265V 50-60Hz
- Power consumption : 50W
-Color Temperature: 445nm Actinic Blue
- LED quantity: 1pcs
- LED sources: 1pcs Epi-star 50W Module LEDs
- Material: Aluminium extruded sections
- Beam Angle: 120 degree
- Lights Size:
11 (1/4)in x 9 (1/2)in x 2 (1/4)in
- 3.65 lbs
- Certificated: CE and ROHS
- Warranty: 2 years
- 110V Plug
- 50,000 Hour LifeSpan (17 YEARS at 8 hours a day)


This is our oldest style below but same light output. We have just improved the housing design and efficiency.