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8 X ReefBar COMBO! 4Ft Aquarium LED Light Bars - Aquarium Light

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The ReefBar is our Newest addition to affordable reef and freshwater LED Lighting!

This listing is for: 8 X 4ft bars of your choice! Just click one of the set ups in the drop down up top. This SAVES $200!! Also included is 4 X Power supplies to plug into the wall and 4 X Wireless Dimmer/On Off Remote. 2-4 of your bars can daisy chain so this gives the option to run everything but on 4 separate timers or brightnesses if needed.

Recent Customer Feedback for ReefBars:

Awesome light! Thanks!! Oct 5

Great shipping. Item as described...perfect!! Oct 3

WOW, extremely satisfied with both the light. And it shipped so fast! Oct 1

Nice light. Very bright! Sept 25

Great light. Love the remote Sept 23

VERYYYY bright! WAYYYY better than my blue LED strip that I got from ebay. Sept 23

is keeping its color nad brightness Sept 22

Awesome transaction, good description. Great product. Sept 22

Quite an addition to my tank...very affordable, THANK YOU!!! Sept 20

Great product, nice quality. Looks nice over tank. Thank you A+ Sept 19

wow!!!!, wasn't sure this could illuminate 120 gallons, very impressed. good. Sept 18 (6x 3ft bar combo)

* This is not a pick and choose. Simply every ReefBar feedback from Oct/Sept


- Extremely High Lumen LEDs (about 650 Lumens per Foot)

- Fully and Seamlessly Dimmable with wireless dimmer available above

- Linkable with 'power in' on one end and 'power out' on the other end (up to 16 total feet of LEDs on one Power Supply/Dimmer)

- Over 10ft of cord from Wall plug to the Light Bar so your wiring options are flexible

- Completely Waterproof to keep Salt Creep and splashes or bubbles from getting in

- Full Coverage LEDs w/ a 140+ Degrees of Light output to cover everywhere evenly

- Wonderful PAR Ratings/Wattage (About 9 Watts per Foot)

- Light Sleek Design at only 3/4 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick and exactly 46 inches long before the brackets

- Silent with No fans needed

The REAL Numbers:

A single ReefBar adds PAR numbers of up to 30 (mms) to the bottom of 24 inches of water (light placed 2 inches above surface) and up to 25 (mms) if placed up 6 inches into a canopy.

A few of these bars can very easily become your Primary Lighting. A common goal for ideal lighting in a reef tank is about 90-120 (mms) at the top of your sand. Choosing a combination of colors from my bars is encouraged for best results from your coral.

3 Bars: PAR 90 at 18 inches under water

4 bars: PAR 115 at 18 inches under water and maintains 100 down to 22 inches

For larger tanks 6-8 bars will fill the whole tank evenly and give PARs of over 100 at 24-30 inches deep.

Check out my COMBO listings for discounts!

- Input voltage: AC 85-265V 50-60Hz (Power Supply converts to 12V for bar)
- Power consumption: 280W
-Color Temperature: 12000K White, 8000K White, 453 nm Actinic Blue, 2:1 = 2x 12k,1 blue,2x 12k, 1blue....

- LED quantity: 672 pcs
- LED sources: Epistar High Lumen LEDs
- Material: Aluminum extruded sections
- Beam Angle: 140+ degree
- Lights Size: .7 in X .4 in X 46 in each bar
- 9.0 ounces each bar
- Certificated: CE and ROHS
- Warranty: 2 years
- 110V Plug
- 50,000 Hour Life Span (Over 17 YEARS at 8 hours a day)