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Black Round Knob Dimmer Plug n Play Single Color LED strip 3528 5050 12V 24V up to 240W Dim

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With this 12V/24V Inline LED Dimmer Switch you can now dim all of my single color LED strips! Simply plug this attractive and easy-to-use LED dimmer switch into your power supply at one end and your lighting source at the other. Dimming is achieved with a turn of the smooth and sensitive rotary dial, which is housed in sturdy white plastic. It can also be used as an on/off switch, but with all the added features of a dimmer.

This switch features full on and off capabilities, along with everything in between. The male and female connectors at each end of the switch are the 1/4" coaxial plug that is standard on 3528/5050/Pro LED strips, making it a flexible and useful accessory.