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Blue 250 lumens/ft LED Light Strip

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These 10mm strips are high brightest strips at nearly TRIPLE the brightness of the low powered strips.

- Back is fully 3M adhesive. Just peel off and stick to anything.
- 300 LEDs in a 16 ft strip
- 12-15 Lumens per LED (4000+ for the strip)
- 16 ft strip drives about 70-72 Watts of power total

Why buy MY LEDs??

1. the board color.

Instead of "yellow board" my LEDs are on a much nicer and more durable white board with an oil brushed surface.
The wire running through this is 100% copper instead cheap short lasting iron as most LED strips are.

2.the board material quality.

"A" is my LED strip with two layer board completely resistant to heat and protected from short circuiting. (Very Common for cheap LED strips)

3. Silicone Filled NOT Epoxy (for Waterproof Only)

Waterproof Strips are filled with Real Silicone instead of epoxy glue that becomes yellow and faded over time. The real Silicone is also the only way ensure a consistent color temperature over time.

4. Chip Connection

My LEDs have gold thread running through to connect each LED and chip together rather than copper thread. This will ensure a long lasting connection for LED to chip.

LED strip lights can be used for many applications such as:

  • Accent lighting
  • Aquarium Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • signage
  • under cabinet lighting
  • cove lighting
  • bar top lighting
  • club lights
  • TV back lighting
  • under counter lighting
  • task lighting
  • cabinet lighting
  • display case lighting
  • and more!
Sky's the limit! All of these LED strips can be customized to do anything you need. Please email me at I will reply within a few hours and can get you a quote and brainstorm ideas if needed. Strips can be cut, reconnected, spaced apart, add dimmers, ON/OFF switches, etc...