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Cool White Professional LED Light Bar 6W per Ft

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Please follow the simple steps below to make a custom order only consisting of the parts you really need! You will find this saves you a ton of money and we guarantee to take care of all your needs.

All bars have a power in and a power out to link from one to the next!


Start with your initial item that is any length bar you may need and ADD dimmer and power supply option as well. The dimmer will act as your ON/OFF Switch as well. Now add to your cart. (This does not force you to buy anything)

Now start selecting the other bars you need one at a time with no power and no dimmer and add each to your cart ONE at a time giving you a fresh page to choose another bar each time.

When ordering multiple items like this we will make sure to send the correct size power supply to power what you have ordered.


When you have gotten more than 16ft (192 inches) of LED bars then please make sure to add another power supply and dimmer with one of the bars as you have reached your limit on what my power supplies, dimmers and current transfer of the bars themselves can handle.

Eg: 48 inch bar w/ power and dimmer, 3x 48 inch bars, then 48 inch bar with power and dimmer and 2 more 48 inch bars. So you will have 4 X 48” bars on one power and dimmer and the other set up, maybe coming from the other direction will have another power and dimmer.

The Kitchen LED Bar from 21 LED LLC is our Newest addition to affordable LED accent Lighting!

This listing is for: Any length bar or bars you choose And if selected in the drop downs, it comes with the Power supply to plug into the wall and the Wireless Dimmer/ On Off Remote. The back side of the bars are flush and come with a Velcro piece the length and width of the bar ready to attach.


- Extremely High Lumen LEDs - "6x Brightness" - DOUBLE the brightness of SMD 5050 (about 600 Lumens per Foot) As bright as anyone could ever want for under cabinet lighting

- Fully and Seamlessly Dimmable with wireless dimmer available above (will stay at setting you had selected next time you turn it on)

- Linkable with an 8 inch power in cord on one end and an 8 inch power out cord on the other end (up to 16ft total ft of LEDs on one Power Supply/Dimmer)

- Over 10ft of cord from Wall plug to the Light Bar so your wiring options are flexible (power comes with 6ft extension cord that can be bypassed)

- Completely Waterproof and protected from any situation

- Full Coverage LEDs w/ a 140+ Degree of Light output to cover everywhere evenly

- Light Sleek Design at only .75 inches wide and .4 inches thick (brackets don't have to be used, can mount flat to surface with a couple pieces of Velcro)

- Silent with No fans needed

- Input voltage: AC 85-265V 50-60Hz (Power Supply converts to 12V for bar)
- Power consumption: 6W per ft
-Color Temperature: 7500K Cool White

- LED quantity: 21 pcs per ft
- LED sources: Epistar High Lumen LEDs
- Material: Aluminum extruded sections
- Beam Angle: 140+ degree
- Lights Size: .75 in X .4 in X 11.63in; 23.13in; 34.5in; 46.0in
- 1ft- 3.31oz 2ft- 5.21oz 3ft- 7.15 oz 4ft- 9.0 oz
- Certificated: CE and ROHS
- Warranty: 2 years
- 110V Plug
- 50,000 Hour Life Span (Over 17 YEARS at 8 hours a day)