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2 PACK 2 x 4 LED CCT Adjustable Troffer Light 30-50W Premium DLC 3500-5000K Drop Ceiling UL

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LED light troffers are designed for residential and commercial suspended grid ceilings. Use this 2' x 4' LED panel light for office lighting, basement lighting, light box and sign back-lighting, gym lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, and more! Replace existing fluorescent troffer light fixtures or use for new construction applications. The LED panel light delivers a smooth, flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. Bright and powerful—the 30-50-watt (adjustable) LED light has 240 LEDs (4014 SMD) with an output of 6,500 lumens. Bright White LEDs have a 5000K color temperature and emit a wide 120° beam angle. The energy-efficient, UL-Listed LED panel operates within a wide 100-277V AC range, has a sturdy aluminum alloy frame with white finish and is designed for 30,000 hours of use—3 times longer than fluorescent panels. Includes a UL-Listed constant-current driver. At 12.8 lbs each, this fixtures are safe for any drop ceiling application and have connections for extra support it needed.


Dimensions: 603 x 1212 mm

Weight: 12.8 lbs
Box Size (2 Lights): 50x26x4.7 in. (31 lbs)
Luminosity: 130 Lumens/watt 6500 Lumens
Color Temperature: 3500-5000K (adjustable)
Warranty: 5 Years