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Dimmable LED Driver 60W 12V 5A for LUTRON Hardwire Transformer

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This 60W Dimmable power supply can power up to 32ft of 100 lm/ft LED strips or 24ft of 250 lm/ft LED strips or 16ft of 650 lm/ft LED Strips with no struggle (assuming 60 LEDs per meter). You can use with any regular 110V wall dimmer switch. REMEMBER: Don't ever do more than 32 ft of LEDs in a line without adding more power in between.

- Powers 6in - 32ft of 100lm/ft Strips
- Powers 6in - 24ft of 250lm/ft Strips
- Powers 1ft - 10ft of ReefBars or Kitchen Prof. Bars
- Powers 6in - 16ft of Super Bright 650lm/ft Strips