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SunSetter Aquarium Dual Timer 12/24V Reef Coral Ramp Sunrise/Sunset Thunderstorm - Aquarium Light

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The SunSetter 2-Channel Aquarium Controller is designed for you to plug it in and never worry about your tank again! 



- 4 Preset Timers to run your reef tank with a nice sunrise, sunset, and moon light with different amounts of light throughout the day depending on what you need

- Simple programming for both channels to create your own custom timer (eg. change sunrise from 15 to 30 mins, start sunrise at 10% and allow full sun to be 85% after 30 mins and adjust the other channel to do different percentages and at a different time)

- Endless options for making your lights exactly the brightness and color you want throughout the entire day

- Cloud, moon cloud, and thunderstorm settings

- Easy to use wireless IR remote

- LCD Screen on controller so you always know what you are programming



These were designed to work flawlessly with our ReefBars and ReefBar Pro's which are all 12V and these will also function with 24V fixtures.

It is powerful enough to run both channels on a 4ft ReefBar Pro and can run up to 4 of the 4ft Reefbars (using correct splitters that we can provide)

Simply Plug and Play with all of our bars